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août 2013
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eft tapping into abundance

Emotion Freedom Technique or the EFT is one of the therapies that I have heard about recently. They even considered it as one of the alternative medicine especially for the psychological health. However, at first, skepticism is usually found whenever someone claims it to be an alternative medicine. I was being sceptical due to the thought of just tapping can make help you feel better. So I went out to The Healing Arts Studio located at Newburgh, New York to test out the EFT. I arrived on time for the weekly meeting at 7:30 PM every Tuesday night. At first it was quite embarrassing due to the fact that I don’t know anybody there but the people were welcoming. They were very warm and welcoming even though it was my first time. They welcomed me in with enthusiasm. As we were about to start, we sat down and talked a bit about ourselves and introduced me to each and every one of them. We were told to tap on our head first, then at our eyebrows, side of the eye, under the eye, under the nose, the chin, the collar bone, under the arm, karate chop and at the source spot. At first it was awkward, but then the leader told us to close our eyes and recite different sayings in order for us to feel the silence and peacefulness.

When we recited the different sayings at the same time tapping on different spots of the body, it was calming and it really felt like real. At first I was a big sceptic but now I truly believe that this is real and will truly help people with emotional problems.

I recommend it to people in order for them to release their negative feeling or emotions. I’m sure that people are still sceptical about it; you have to try it in order for you to believe it. I’m now a regular and attend it whenever I need relaxation and to feel cleansed. For more information, visit here: eft tapping into abundance.

août 2013
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wonderful movie!


I’ve already put this movie in my to-watch list many months ago. This is undoubtedly going to be a wonderful film! Anybody want to come with me once this is launched?

août 2013
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In case you have not don’t know by now I want to invite you in to my weblog, I’m a pal you could rely on. If this is your first time in my website, I’d like to invite you.

There is nothing across the world I love more than riding on my skateboard. lol, I know that is not what you envisioned reading on my very first post but you will discover I am not restricted to just that. I love to really have a fun life!

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